The Room Next Door Man


Paradise Males
A short film starring Diane Morgan and Michael Spicer about a woman with amnesia and a male prostitute.
Short film written by Michael Spicer about a mosquito that takes more than just your blood. Starring Michael Spicer, Alice Lowe, Rachel Stubbings and Richard Herring.
The Room Next Door Sketches
New series about the secret adviser to the stars.
The Late Late Show
Appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden.
My Book
The Secret Political Adviser: The Unredacted Files of the Man in the Room Next Door.
The Room Next Door Live
The Room Next Door - Live.
My Patreon Page
Exclusive sketches, short films and podcasts for Patrons only. Why not be one?
Walls of Darkness
What if James Bond had to do a few days in the office?
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