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Michael Spicer


Hello. I'm Michael Spicer. Welcome to my website. 


I'm the Room Next Door Man. But I do other things. 


I have made two series of Before Next Door (BBC Radio 4), I've been on The Late Late Show (CBS) and The Mash Report (BBC2), and I appeared in Mandy (BBC2), the second series of which I also produced. I will soon be appearing in Kristin Scott Thomas's film North Star, Romesh Ranganathan's sitcom Avoidance and Disclaimer starring Cate Blanchett, directed by Alfonso Cuarón. I also have a Radio 4 sketch show out in 2024 called 'Michael Spicer: No Room'.


There used to be blurb here but frankly who reads blurb. Blurb is something copywriters made up in the 90s so they could stay in employment. I used to be a copywriter so I can confirm this is accurate.


If you want to ensure I don't go back to copywriting please contact my agent and offer me work or commission me. That would be lovely. Oh and of course there is such a thing as blurb. That's what this is. And I tricked you into reading it because I remain a terrific copywriter.


You can reach me via my agent Sophie Chapman

Thank you

Photo by Pål Hansen

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